Emergency Decision Support System

Framework: POR FESR 2014 2020

Capacity: 452.322,25 €

ISD Lab Capacity: 75.000,00 €

Duration: June 2017 - August 2018

Chief Science Officer: Vittorio Bucci

Partners: MarineLAB d.o.o., Seastema S.p.a.

Subject: Maritime technologies, Safety, Stability, Strenght, Sink Simulation


The scope of the project is to develop a decision support system devoted to handle the consequences of flooding which could compromise ship stability. In detail, the software will provide to the officer the position of the hull breach and its consequences, allowing to take the proper countermeasures to mitigate the risk. Grant the ships' safety during emergencies is a priority for shipping companies, authorities and class societies as well as it is a primary concern for public opinion, especially after recent accidents connected to flooding and fire on passenger ships. Therefore, authorities are dealing with updating the rules to increase passive and active safety of vessels. In detail, will be deployed onboard a complete documentation to help officers dealing with consequences of flooding: the Damage Control Booklet. On cruise ships, carrying thousands of passengers, shipping companies do not consider those passive support sufficient and requires active systems to support in real time the decision of the master basing them on objective evaluation of the stability and the whole safety after flooding.



Integrated Ship Design Laboratory

University of Trieste
Department of Engineering and Architecture

Via Alfonso Valerio 10, 34127 Trieste, Italy

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Chief Science Officer: Alberto Marinò

Director: Vittorio Bucci