Framework: POR FESR 2014 2020

Capacity: 1.051.529,99 €

ISD Lab Capacity: 646,647,19 €

Duration: May 2017 - February 2019

Chief Science Officer: Sabrina Pricl

Partners: Nanto Protective Coating S.r.l., AEP Polymers S.r.l.

Subject: Maritime technologies, Green Technologies, Plastic Covers, Marine Engines


Nowadays, in marine sector plastic materials are not frequently used on engines ad they are completely absent in structural parts. The main causes are the international rules (which do not consider these materials and do not regulate their usage) as well as the heavy operative conditions: environmental conditions (temperature, chemical agents, humidity, and saline atmosphere) and structural stress. The target of the project is to select, test a polymeric material, suitable to build marine engines covers. The simulated characteristic of the material will be used as base for covers design. The geometry of the covers will be assessed to withstand structural stress and a prototype will be build and tested on a real Wärtsilä engine in order to study the real thermic and acoustical behaviour of the material. Meanwhile, the whole lifecycle of the new plastic material will be studied in order to optimize the introduction of these materials in marine sector.


Integrated Ship Design Laboratory

University of Trieste
Department of Engineering and Architecture

Via Alfonso Valerio 10, 34127 Trieste, Italy

Building C5 (second floor)

+39 040 558 3462

Chief Science Officer: Alberto Marinò

Director: Vittorio Bucci