POR FESR 2014-2020

Communication Staff - February17, 2017

On February 17 the Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia approved the rankings for standard and strategic projects (action 1.3.b) founded by POR FESR 2014-2020, the Eropean Found for Regional Devlopment. The ISD lab will develop four research projects in this framework for a whole capacity of 1,036,100.74 € and with a duration from 12 moths to 24 moths. The projects are the following: Active (Air Cavity Technology for Inland Vessel), EDSS (Emergency Decision Support System), PlastiCo (Plastic Covers for marine engine) and ZELAG (Zero Emission Navigation “Laguna di Grado”).

The Active project will have a duration of two years and it will be carried out in partnership with Navalprogetti S.r.l. and Tergeste Power and Propulsion S.r.l. The topic of the project the application of air cavity system on inland vessel in order to reduce fuel consumption and consequently the emissions.

The EDSS project will have a duration of 15 moths. The ISD lab will provide a consultancy to Seastema S.p.a. (Fincantieri Group) in order to develop a new generation of onboard stability software capable to support decisions during emergencies as well as perform all the calculation of a standard loading computer and reduce fuel consumption trough an optimum ballast module.

PlastiCo project aims to develop special plastic materials for marine applications (non-structural parts of marine engines). The project will be carried out by Nanto Protective Coating S.r.l. and AEP Polymers S.r.l. in partnership with the Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Trieste. ISD lab will cooperate with other specialists in Material Engineering to fulfil the objective of the project, which will last two years.

The ZELAG project will have a duration of 12 months and will be developed by ISD Lab in partnership with Alto Adriatico Custom S.r.l. and Friulinossidabili S.r.l. The aim of the project is to design a new hybrid vessel for inland waters optimized for the peculiar characteristics of Grado lagoon. The concept of this vessel will be the base of a new generation of green vessels reducing emissions, noise and the environmental impact of all the ship lifecycle.


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