ISD Lab is training future students with summer modules

Communication Staff - August 30, 2017

ISD Lab is involved in summer modules dedicated to high school students, in order to help them in make the proper decision about their future. Alberto Marinò and Vittorio Bucci are holding a course titled: "How a ship is born: from the idea to the building". The main objective of the module is to make students understand how and how many activities should be coordinated and carried out to reach the physical realization of a ship. In fact, the ship is a complex machine, requiring high reliability and safety, as well as functional performance that may vary depending on operational requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to conceive of a synthesis result that involves different disciplines, which must interact synergistically and effectively.

This message will be transmitted by illustrating, with the help of virtual reality and 3D representations, examples of naval vessels (cruise ships, cargo ships, military ships, submarines, yachts, sailboats etc.) which are characterized by different service requirements.

The main arguments of the course are: the evolution of vessels, the external appearence of the ship, the internal arrangement, the ship design process, the shipbuilding process.

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